Meet The Creator & the Coolcats!

In 2020, Alaa embarked on a transformative journey by establishing highcoolcat as an escape from the relentless demands of her corporate finance career. Despite her achievements and commitment to her clients, she found herself disenchanted with the exploitative nature of the finance industry. The incessant ethical dilemmas drained her spirit, compelling her to seek solace in a creative outlet that could also serve as a form of healing.

Initially drawn to resin art, Alaa's path took a detour due to adverse physical reactions. Undeterred, she turned her attention to her passion for cannabis and its accessories, birthing the concept of highcoolcat. Recognizing a gap in the market for stylish and accessible cannabis accessories, she meticulously curated a selection tailored to the chic cannabis enthusiast.

Alaa envisioned highcoolcat as more than just a brand; it was to be a universe where cat characters embodying the personalities of her closest friends would resonate with users from all walks of life. With dreams of animating these characters, creating captivating merch, comics, and collectibles, highcoolcat transcends mere products to become a lifestyle.

Inspired by her love for anime and Japanese culture, Alaa infuses highcoolcat with a Japanese aesthetic, aiming to connect users with a sense of nostalgia from their childhood. Through her brand, she seeks to evoke a feeling of inclusivity, inviting everyone to join the journey of highcoolcat.

Alaa's Egyptian-American heritage serves as a guiding light, illuminating the unjust cannabis laws that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. With a commitment to amplifying voices advocating for change and educating others about the benefits of cannabis, highcoolcat stands as a beacon of empowerment and awareness.

Operating from California alongside her fiancé and child, Alaa embodies authenticity and unwavering conviction in her beliefs. Outside of her entrepreneurial endeavors, she finds joy in creative pursuits and indulges in immersive video games during her leisure time.